1. What is supplied with half day, full day, and sunset charters?

Shardana will be supplied with the USCG licensed Captain and all required safety equipment, ice, soft drinks and water for half and full day charters. Guests are welcome to bring their own food and drinks.

2. Where will we sail?

Wherever the wind takes us!  Most of our sailing is done at the mouth of the Chester river and the main bay not far from Annapolis, Baltimore and the Magothy River.

3. What about safety?

Your safety is our top priority! S/V Shardana meets or exceeds all USCG safety requirements.  Please note that all passengers under the age of 14 will be required to wear a life jacket (aka PFD). Any guest that is not a good swimmer is requested to inform the captain, and is strongly encouraged to wear a PFD during the cruise. Also, please note that S/V Shardana is a drug-free vessel and the captains are subject to random drug testing. No illegal substances will be tolerated. If anyone is found possessing or using controlled substances (other than legal prescription medications), the captain will immediately terminate the charter and return to shore without a refund. Smoking is not permitted on board S/V Shardana.

4. What about alcoholic beverages?

Shardana is a BYOB vessel, and adheres to all local regulations.  Alcoholic beverages are not supplied but BYOB is permitted.  By State and Coastguard regulations, the captain reserves the right to restrict alcohol consumption at his/her sole discretion.

5. Can we help sail the boat?

Yes! You are welcome to help sail the boat as much or as little as you desire.

6. What should I bring for a day on the water? 

It is always a good idea to bring a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, light clothing, (non-greasy) sun block, a towel, and non-marking/scuffing shoes. You may also wish to bring your camera or smartphone, but be advised cameras/smartphones and water are not compatible!  You are more than welcome to bring food and snacks on board. We request you do not bring glass bottles on board.

7. How many passengers may join a half of full day charter?

A maximum of six passengers is allowed on each charter.

8. How many passengers may join for multi-day or overnight charters?

S/V Shardana has three staterooms and two marine toilets (heads). Each stateroom has a capacity for two people.  Two of these staterooms are reserved for passengers and one is reserved for the captain and crew.  The galley table and couch can be converted into berths and can accommodate 2 additional persons, allowing as many as 6 passengers to sleep on board. These berths are lined with cushions made of ultra-leather. Sheets, blankets pillows, and towels are also provided. Please feel free to contact us for details.

9. What should I bring on multi-day or over-night charters?

Please contact us for details.  We will supply you with a list of suggested items to take with you on your multi-day or over-night charter.

10. How do we provision for multi-day charters?

Shardana does not prepare nor provide food for her guests. However arrangements can be made upon request (except for alcoholic beverages).   Shardana is equipped with a full galley and BBQ; The Captain will assist you in operating all of these appliances. Please contact us for details. 

11. Are reservations required?

Advanced reservations and written confirmations are required for all bookings.   A credit or debit card is required for a booking a charter. The total price of the charter will be authorized but not charged to the credit card.  A 50% deposit is required for all overnight, weekend, mid-week special, multi-night and full week charters. Actual payment may be made by cash, check or credit card the day of the sail.  We accept all major credit cards.  A 6% discount will be deducted from the cost if payment is made by cash or check.

12. What are the terms and conditions if I have to cancel my reservation?

If the customer cancels a reservation for any reason  Shardana Sailing Charters Incorporated reserves the right to charge the customer the full price of the charter.  Rescheduling the charter will be at the sole discretion of the operator.   Overnight and multi-night charters cancelled by the customer at least three weeks ahead of the scheduled charter will be charged no more than half the full charter price.

13. What if Shardana Sailing Charters cancels your reservation?

Shardana Sailing Charters and each individual Captain, at their sole discretion, may cancel or reduce the time on the water on a charter due to inclement weather conditions, equipment failure, or circumstances beyond their control.  If a charter is canceled by Shardana Sailing Charters, we will make best efforts to reschedule the cruise under the same terms and conditions.  We are not responsible for any loss incurred by the customer as a result of a cancellation except for the fees paid to us.  In the event Shardana Sailing Charters reduces the time of the water, a prorated amount may be calculated for your payment.


Any other questions? We'd love to hear from you! Contact us with any questions you have or book your adventure now.


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