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What is a Chesapeake BaY crewed Sailboat Charter?

What is a captained sailboat?  Simply put your trip will be managed and captained for your ultimate pleasure and safety by an insured United States Coast Guard (USCG) licensed captain. Each of our four captains has over 20 years of experience and holds multiple sailing, boating, and first aid certifications. Three of our captains are also certified by the American Sailing Association (ASA), one of the largest sail training associations in the United States, to teach basic to advanced sailing skills as well as seamanship and navigation.

As your captains, we take pleasure in offering you a peaceful sunrise, a relaxing day on the water, a gorgeous sunset, and the feel of a fresh breeze. Allow the wind and waves to take your mind and body away from your everyday stresses and help you focus on the relaxing effect of being on the water. It is our goal to provide you with a stress free experience that will put you in an a state of relaxation and rejuvenation.  If you do not yet have a love of sailing,  join us  and you soon will!

 Our Captains


Andrew Seligman, USCG Licensed Master and ASA Certified Sailing Instructor

Andrew Seligman, USCG Licensed Master and ASA Certified Sailing Instructor

Captain Andrew Seligman grew up surrounded by water on Staten Island, New York. Before he could walk, Andrew was introduced to the sea by his parents along the New Jersey shore and by his grandparents in Liverpool, England. He has been boating since he was eight years old, and one of his earliest boating endeavors at age nine was exploring the waters of the Caledonian Canal, including Loch Ness, with his uncle.  

Andrew has a USCG Masters License of not more than 100 gross tons with an auxiliary sailing and commercial assistance towing endorsement. In addition, he is a certified American Sailing Association instructor.  Andrew now has over 22 years of sailing experience, most extensively in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and  between the Long Island Sound and the Chesapeake. He also has experience sailing in the Mediterranean and throughout the Caribbean.  Andrew loves to meet new people and help others experience the magic and beauty of sailing. When not sailing or working for the Environmental Protection Agency, Andrew spends his time following his wife, Linda, an archeologist who studies the Philistines and other Sea Peoples, around the Eastern Mediterranean basin.



Davis Jones, USCG Licensed Master

Davis Jones, USCG Licensed Master

Captain Davis Jones started sailing in 1991 when someone stood up at church and announced that they were starting a Sea Scout Ship and needed leaders.  Being an Eagle Scout who wanted to learn to sail, he signed up, little knowing he was in for a life-long journey leading to professional credentials and boat ownership.  Along the way, he has served in all leadership positions in Sea Scout Ship 1942 (one of the 5 “Flagship” units in the U.S.), including 5 years as “Skipper.”

Davis has taught leadership through sailing to hundreds of teens and adults in Flying Scots out of Washington Sailing Marina on the Potomac River. He currently manages and sails the Ship’s fleet of sailboats including six 18’ Flying Scots, a 27’ “S2”, a 29’ and a 39’Cal, a 32’ Irwin, a 26’ Columbia, a 22’ Sailmaster, and many others that have passed through the Ship. Over the past 25 years, Davis has led youth trips throughout the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay, and has taken “Long Cruises” as far as Lake Ontario, Cape Cod, and the Virgin Islands. When not sailing with the Scouts, he crews on bareboat charters with friends in the Virgin Islands, Grenada and Grenadines, Antigua, and Dominica. He is also a passionate skier.

In his day-job, Davis works in the Environmental and Social Safeguards Unit at the Inter-American Development Bank where he helps other countries worldwide as they build their environmental licensing enforcement programs.  Prior to that, Davis worked at the USEPA  and was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic. 


Thad Kubis, USCG Licensed Master and ASA Certified Sailing Instructor

Thad Kubis, USCG Licensed Master and ASA Certified Sailing Instructor

Captain Thad Kubis is a passionate racer and cruiser and has been sailing for over 25 years throughout the United States, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean.

He holds a USCG Masters License of not more than 100 gross tons with a sailing and towing endorsement. He is also an ASA certified Keelboat and Catamaran Sailing Instructor, as well as a nationally certified Boating Safety Instructor for NASBLA. Additionally, Thad teaches sailing via STRIDE Adaptive Sports, a program that allows children and young adults with disabilities to learn to sail on a variety of one-design sailboats.

When he is not sailing or teaching, Thad is an avid photographer and has recently been featured in Cruising World Magazine . He also designed a popular iPhone app Sailing Log, which tracks data for coastal and off-shore cruising that is available on the Apple App Store.


Yvonne Brandt, USCG Licensed Master

Yvonne Brandt, USCG Licensed Master


Captain Yvonne Brandt began sailing in her early youth with her dad in Galveston Bay on his Morgan 30 sailboat while towing her sunfish behind in order to adventure out on her own. Her subsequent sailing experiences include the English Channel and surrounding coastlines, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Bahamas.

Yvonne has a USCG Masters License of not more than 50 gross tons and has completed USPS ABC, Seamanship and Piloting courses. She frequently volunteers with Sea Scout Ship 1942 out of Washington Sailing Marina as in instructor, teaching scouts to sail on Flying Scots and captaining nine-day trips around the Chesapeake.


foredeck union.jpg

I grew up as an Army Brat and lived all over the U.S. and Germany.  My parents settled in Pocatello, Idaho after serving in the Army and that is where I attended Middle School and High School. Yes, Idaho is a GREAT sailing state…NO, not really!  I earned an appointment to United States Merchant Marine Academy and graduated in 1990 with a USCG 3rd Assistant Engineers License.  The academy is also where I fell in love with sailing.  My roommate, an Olympic level sailor, convinced me to crew for him on a 420 (small dingy).  I LOVED IT!!  I joined the dingy sailing team for my first two years sailing 420’s and Lasers.  Then I transitioned to the offshore sailing team for my Junior and Senior years sailing much larger boats ranging from 35-50’.  The academy’s sailing program was a perfect experience to nurture my new-found love for sailing.

After Graduating from USMMA, I have sailed and raced many different types of boats including Lasers, Viper 640, J22’s, J24’s, Melges 24’s, J27’s, Mumm 30’s, J35’s, Farr 40’s, and Tartan 46.  I have focused most of my time on the water to racing sailboats.  Some of the bigger regattas I’ve raced in include the NOOD’s, North Americans, Key West Race Week, and World Championships.  A few of my favorite off shore distance races include sailing Newport to Bermuda, Annapolis to Newport, Ft. Lauderdale to Key West.

It wasn’t until recently that I looked to obtaining my “Captains” license.  Captain Andrew, a longtime friend that I sailed with at Liberty Sailing Club in Philadelphia, was looking for help with his new boat, Shardana.  I had more than enough experience for my license, just never considered it.  Thanks to his nudge, I’m now Captain Matt!

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