Take a Break & Rejuvenate on Chesapeake Bay

Volume III, Issue 1.

The cruising life. Gently swinging on an anchor. Swimming off the stern. Nodding off to the rhythmic lap of water on the boat hull. Waking to the sounds of birds calling and workboats thrumming through the mist. Climbing above deck to begin a new day, the pungent smell of coffee brewing in the galley. This is cruising the Chesapeake Bay.

Anchored on the Chester River

Anchored on the Chester River

How you see the world, from a sailboat versus on land, is a whole new and unique experiential paradigm. The Chesapeake Bay has over three thousand miles of shoreline to visit, with 48 rivers and hundreds of creeks, providing a lifetime of explorative destination possibilities. 

Chesapeake Bay cruising by sailboat charter means having a floating hotel for overnight voyaging from place to place. Cruising by sailboat really is a luxurious off-the-grid adventure —it is a great experience for anyone and everyone who have tastes for exploration and a desire to see and feel the world from a unique perspective.  It is an experience which most people can only dream to get a chance to participate.  However, Shardana Sailing Charters enables you to take advantage of enjoying the Chesapeake Bay from the water.

Sailing on a luxurious sailing yacht such as S/V Shardana offers an intimate form of warm togetherness and fun for family, friends, and corporate teams.  Every trip brings unexpected adventures and plenty of quality time with whomever you sail.   There is just no better feeling than heading out by sailboat, feeling the wind in your face and hearing the water slap against the hull as you relax and sail the Bay   

St. Michaels, Maryland

What and how can you relax on a cruise?  There are so many options.  From hanging on a hook in a quiet cove watching nature, rafting up with other boats and friends,  taking the dinghy to a beach or the local town pier to explore, star gazing and swimming off the back of the boat—to name just a few. Staying out overnight on the Bay can range from grabbing a mooring in Spa Creek at Annapolis, to anchoring in an undeveloped nook on the Chester River or Worton Creek (where you can see some of the best sunsets on the entire Chesapeake Bay, to taking a transient slip at a marina in St. Michaels.  No place on the Chesapeake is too far to go if you have a few days, a comfortable boat and a capable captain.  

There really is no better way to appreciate the Chesapeake’s beauty than to encounter it up close and personal on a small vessel.  It is a personal sojourn you will never ever forget. Click Here to see pictures for some of our trips.

Make this year the year you try something new, fun, local, and different.  

Sail Your Story
Captain Andrew Seligman