Sailing with Dolphins

Volume II, Issue 7

    Summer is here!  The weather is warm, the days are long and it is time to gather with friends and family, relax and enjoy all summer has to offer.  There is no better way to enjoy summer than to be in or on the water.  Seeing marine life and animals while sailing Chesapeake Bay can be one of the most ultimate and exhilarating experiences of a lifetime. 

Dolphins North of the Annapolis Bay Bridge

    This year dolphins have been spotted all over the Chesapeake Bay with many pods being spotted in around the waters off Rock Hall, Chester River, and the Annapolis Bay Bridge.  In fact, dolphins have become so much a common occurrence in the Chesapeake Bay the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science has developed a free app for reporting dolphin sitings.  Now everyone can report and see the locations where people have made dolphin observations.

     Dolphins returning to the Chesapeake Bay in greater numbers are a sign of increasingly higher water quality.  This higher water quality is probably due to increased sea grass acreage and more abundant fish the dolphins eat for food.

   The best way to observe these wonderful animals is to see them from the water.  Sailing is a great way to see dolphins.  Being on a boat without the noise of an operating engine does not scare the dolphins away.  In addition, you get to hear and see these mammals in their natural habitat.  Consider taking a sailboat ride with Shardana Sailing Charters and maybe you will have a chance to see these beautiful and intelligent animals in their natural habitat.

Sail Your Story!

Captain Andrew Seligman, President