Four Reasons to Sail the Chesapeake Bay

   Volume II. Issue 5.

Many people know about the Chesapeake Bay, it’s cities, towns, seafood and the people.  However, not everyone EXPERIENCES the Chesapeake Bay.  Chesapeake Bay is not just a big pond—it is a natural resource, a culture, a destination, and a place to play and rejuvenate.  It is the United States largest estuary and one of the world’s great cruising grounds.  Here are my top four reasons to come experience the Chesapeake Bay by sailboat.

1. A Natural Resource:  The Chesapeake Bay is a natural wonder.  You can see a lot while on a captained sailboat charter.  While sailing on Shardana, it is common to see bald eagles and ospreys either in their nests or fishing for a meal. The great blue heron is often seen along the shoreline. Cow nose rays often break the water’s surface as well as schools of fish.  The blue crab can be seen around the docks and swimming through the water.  For even more, Rock Hall, our home port, is a short drive or bike ride from the Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge.

2. The Culture:  The Chesapeake Bay has so many different cultures.  The DELMARVA peninsula has its own culture where people from the eastern shores of Maryland and Virginia welcome you to their communities.  Some parts of the DELMARVA, near the Maryland/Virginia border, along with Smith and Tangiers Islands, speak an English dialect with its roots dating back to Queen Elizabeth the First (i.e., Old English from 1600).  The eastern shore economy is based on agriculture and commercial fishing,. so you can experience the type of life that helped build the USA. There are many quant museums that help you understand this history and culture like The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels for an in-depth look at our nautical history. 

3. A Destination.  Chesapeake Bay has large cities like Annapolis and Baltimore.  Annapolis is the capital of Maryland and home to the United States Naval Academy, and considered by many to be the Sailing Capital of the U.S.  Baltimore has many places to explore, and baseball fans can walk from the docks to Camden Yards for an Orioles game!  The eastern shore also has wonderful little towns such as Chestertown, Rock Hall, and St. Michaels; and each has its own flavor and personality.

4. The Perfect Staycation—A Place to Play and Rejuvenate.  You will find spending an afternoon, weekend, or longer sailing on the Chesapeake Bay the ultimate way to “recharge your batteries.”   The combination of water, wildlife, towns and people provide the perfect venue to enjoy a change of pace and activity, and the peace of a sailboat forces you to slow down to a perfect speed for rejuvenation and relaxation.